Django Haskins is currently working on two full-length non-fiction books: Painting the Town, a touring memoir that explores the history of several American cities at pivotal moments; and The First Class Passenger, a biography of his great-grandfather, who survived the Titanic, played international tennis tournaments, befriended Teddy Roosevelt, and dedicated himself to the Preparedness movement in the lead-up to the First World War.

Excerpts from both projects have been published on the NYC culture blog, Frontier Psychiatrist and elsewhere.

Selected writing samples:

The Anthropology of a Rock Club (excerpt from Painting the Town)

Titanic chapter from First Class Passenger -- Part One

Titanic chapter from First Class Passenger -- Part Two

Titanic chapter from First Class Passenger -- Part Three

Review of Big Star Third Live in NYC, 3.26.11 published in Independent Weekly

Thoughts on Paul Simon's "Run That Body Down" (from dirtyimpound.com)

Lessons from the Titanic, INDY Weekly

Durham, NC city guide for Design Sponge

'Fridays on the Front Porch' from OurState Magazine

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